Friday, October 24, 2008

Our cute little bird.

On our trip from Ocean City to Norfolk we had the visit of this cute little bird. It landed on the boat while we were about 2 miles off the coast. The poor little feathered beast was all tired fighting the cold and the strong wind and came on Chocobo to seek shelter and warmth. Danielle saw it first as it landed on the top deck and called me to see it. I rushed into the cabin, got a piece of bread and gave it some crumbs. But the poor little bird was too exhausted to even eat. Instead it wandered around the boat for a while until it finally made its way into the boat sheltered from the cold wind of the beginning night. It wasn’t really bothered by us for it was too tired and we just let the poor little one get some rest. It walked slowly its way down the steps inside the port hull and rolled itself in the corner of our bedroom door in front of the book shelf I just made before departure. We just didn’t bother it while we were busy with our overnight crossing. The night was cold and we were wondering what a surprise the little birdie would have when it wakes up and finds out that he is 100 miles from home. During the night Danielle went many times to check on it and make sure it was ok and was sleeping well and thought that we should wait in the morning and closer to the shore to show it its new a bit warmer home place.

All our motherly concerns were answered once we entered Chesapeake Bay. The entrance of the bay was very bumpy and the boat was shook pretty hard. One of the waves rolled the boat so much that a bag of heavy dominos fell down from the book shelf and . . . SMACK!!! Felt on the bird and killed it on the spot!
The body of our little bird friend was given with honor to the sea after the discovery of the body around 8:00am. It was officially our first casualty on Chocobo. Danielle is also thinking to start an organization of mothers against dominos on board, the M.A.D.O.B.