Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bye Bye Norfolk, ICW here we come.

Cold is definitively catching on us and we have to resume our trip south. The plan was originally to wait in Norfolk for after the first or second week of November but by this time we will look like two Mr. Freezes with our ear muffs. The hurricane season looks pretty calm this year but winter is just not waiting so we leave for the ICW and say goodbye to the Navy ships berthed all over Norfolk, which is one of the biggest port of the US Navy. The ICW means the Intra-Coastal Waterway and is a path through streams and canals that runs inland from Norfolk, Virginia down to the north of Florida. It is shallow, hard to navigate and so far pretty ugly path but, above all, it is sheltered from the raging gale force winds that presently prevail in the Atlantic Ocean and along the East coast. With temperatures plunging below 10 degrees Celsius during the night; sailing the ocean overnight is not a tempting proposition. So we started our trek on the brown water of the ICW and hopefully, weather permitting, we will be able, at one point, to step out on the ocean and sail down to Savannah Georgia, which is our next main goal.

Tonight we stay at the Midway Marina in Coinjock, North-Carolina where we are sheltered from the wind and have infinite electricity for the heathers.