Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Visits, pirates and warmth.

On our way, down the ICW, to warmer countries we decided to stop for a few days in a little town called New Bern, NC. At first our stop was for practical reasons as we needed some boat parts. Yep, the monetary drain continues, but it appears that the town in question is actually quite nice with a very pretty historic downtown. New Bern is not only the last residence of Black Beard, who lived here with his 14th wife but also the birth place of the Pepsi-Cola. After ordering all our parts online, we decided to pay ourselves a visit of the area. You can see here statues of pirates and the one of a famous singer posing with a non-less famous character you know well! We also visited the Tryon Palace and its gardens, which was the residence of the Governor of North-Carolina in the end of the 18th century.

While at home snow seems to show up a bit early this year, here the temperature is around 21° Celsius during the day and we don’t need to heat during the night. This is actually a good thing since we need to install a blower on the generator, which has a tendency to overheat. Although for us Canadian this is summer temperatures here everywhere we go we feel off season and all activities are over for the year. Nevertheless, we are November 4th, and even if we don’t have a festival we still have the American Elections tonight.