Tuesday, October 21, 2008

26 hours at sea

We arrived in Ocean City, Maryland. We left New York yesterday morning at 7:00am with the plan to stop at the next sheltered anchorage. We were supposed to sail for 48 miles but once arrived, the wind was so strong and waves so nasty that we chickened out and didn't enter. We had no choice but to return to the sea. Once we found ourselves in the darkness it was out of question to try any of these little inlets. They are hard to proceed during daylight so it was a definitive no-no during the night. The next possible stop point turned out to be Ocean City, 148 miles further. We then found a marina that mostly berth fishing boats and, as you can imagine, the crab soup was indeed excellent.

Tomorrow we plan to reach Norfolk, VA, which is about 115 miles from here. We will have to go through another overnight though.