Friday, June 24, 2011

A quick stop in Canada.

After more than 28 months for me and 18 months for Danielle outside of Canada we really needed to get back in touch with our culture and to see our friends and families. During our short two week stay in the middle of May we had appointments with people in Montreal, Ottawa and Sherbrooke that made us travel over 1000 km. Even when we stop we still travel like crazy! In total we had breakfasts, lunches and dinners with over 37 different peoples, friends and family, and we even forgot a few. It’s unbelievable how good it feels to see our people again. Africa and pirates that’s nice but it’s always pleasant to go back once in awhile to see the peoples dear to us and 28 months straight of travelling that’s long, very long. We also took the opportunity to make it up with home food. During our passages along the Red Sea while the Sahara ran along the shore I had only one thing in mind; a large poutine, two steamed hot-dogs and a Sprite from La Belle Province’s! So, as soon as we arrived in Montreal while it was only 5am for us we rushed for a poutine and steamed hot-dogs. We took at least 4kg during our stay in Canada! Despite our fast pace to see everyone we still managed to take a few hours to revert back to a normal life to seed grass and to attend to the backyard in a sunny afternoon. It wasn’t my own backyard but what do I care? Finally, one of the important things we had to do was to renew our passports. Not because they were expiring but because they were now full and had no more available pages for new stamps! Do I need to say that we asked to keep our old passports?

While in Peru and Bolivia there were protests for social improvements, in Yemen protests targeted political reforms and in Egypt people were claiming the legal lynching of Mubarak. So when we came back to Canada even with our own conservative dictator recently reelected with a majority in parliament we were happy to leave the Middle East troubles behind us but it seemed that the troubles in question didn’t want to leave us. As we walked the downtown streets of Ottawa we came face-to-face with a protest …. for Libya! There’s really no end to it I’m telling you. An interesting point though was that we stopped and even took a picture of the protest. Around us people were going their way and although they were likely not insensitive to the horrors presently happening in Libya they were simply not touched enough to stop and pay attention to the object of the protest. Of course, wasn’t it for the fact that we now sail for months right in the middle of these Middle Eastern troubles we too would have probably not pay attention to these peoples trying to their best to make of their native land a better world.