Thursday, June 23, 2011

Medieval Rhodes

When we booked our flight tickets to Canada many months ago we thought we would be able to make it to Athens in time but sailing is always slower than planned. Our boat was still in Marmaris, Turkey and we found that the best way to go to Athens was to take a ferry from Marmaris to the island of Rhodes, Greece then to take a domestic flight from Rhodes to Athens. The problem was that the only available ferry ran three days before our flight from Athens. So we had to spend a few days in the magnificent medieval city of Rhodes on the Greek island of the same name. What a terrible life we have! But Rhodes or anywhere in Greece rimes with extraordinaire food and we sure took this stop on the island to enjoy Hellenic food, for sure, but also the unique ambiance of a small “taverna” somewhere in the multitude of stone paved streets of Old Rhodes. Greek salads, gyros and moussakas here we are! (Note that Greeks would tell us that gyros are not real Greek food but who cares? They make very good Pita Gyros down here!)

Greece is obviously a modern society but visiting Old Rhodes was definitively travelling back in times when templar nights were roaming the streets and mixing their own vision of the world with the millenniums old Greek culture. Prices were maybe outrageous but what a treat it was to spend a few days in Rhodes.