Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cruising west in Panama

Someone once told me “Why taking a picture of a sunset? There will always be sunsets for the rest of your life!”. He is right about the fact that the sun will keep setting every night but I think this picture answers his question. We have nice sunsets back home but really the ones we’ve seen sometimes in the south of the Caribbean Sea are just indescribable.

Here some more scenery we had the chance to watch while leaving the San Blas islands on our way west to get to the Panama Canal.

One thing hard to avoid in the San Blas Island is to buy a crab from the local fishermen. The problem is that the buggers have a real hard shell and the only way I found to get to the meat is to use our trusty hammer. Bang! And we have a tiny piece of smashed crab meat. After an hour of work we had enough to make the most amazing crab chowder we had in our life and that makes us forget the trouble of getting the meat out of this freaking armed armor.

While anchored close to the island of Porvenir this three-mast set his hook just beside us.

We stopped a couple of night close to Isla Grande and took the time to go ashore to visit the small village on the other shore. This village was at the image of everything we saw in Panama so far; people are really poor.

Another place we stopped is Linton Island. According to our cruising guide book the main thing about the island is a couple of monkey families who lives on the island. We went to see for ourselves but the only monkey we saw is on the bottom left hand side of the picture!

Well if we can’t see monkeys the one thing you sure to find anywhere on the earth are human settlements as human form a planetary pandemic. With humans comes the urge they have to get their hands on your money and this is why you can always find a restaurant even in the most remote places such as here. The food was good and the prices more than affordable. The meals cost $4 to $6 but the wine was quite expensive $25/ bottle. We went for the wine by the glass $5/glass!