Friday, October 2, 2009

Not for the fainted hearts.

Roger and I went for lunch in a restaurant that sure looked quite clean called “El Inka De Oro” in Cuzco. In fact it was cleaner than many restaurants we went so far. We saw at the door that they had a hamburger special for only 7 soles that includes the hamburger, a fries and a cola. Remember that 1 sol = $0.33 so it is a $2.33 meal. We enter and order the lunch special. After being served I taste a fries, no bad at all. Roger, him chose instead to taste the burger first and takes a large bite, not bad at all. I then attack my burger as well. Yummy; a large bite. I start chewing when Roger yells “FU%^ $@, WHAT’S THAT???’’ Then with the mouth full I ask him. “What’s up, what’s up, tell me what’s up!!!!” He points at his plate and with horror I see this little maggot covered with mustard and ketchup, which had just felt from his hamburger, crawling quickly to hide under another fries. Instinctively I just spit my good huge bite in my plate and run to the washroom to rinse my mouth, yark yark yark!!!! I come back to the dining room and Roger asks me if I have all my things. I answer yes then he takes his plate and puts it on the counter where the waitress is and shows her the worm. She starts to talk quickly in Spanish and we don’t understand anything. We then just quickly turn back and leave with disgust in our face.

The next day we left to buy our train tickets for the visit of Machupicchu but Roger’s digesting system is working very hard and he’s not feeling well. I leave him sleeping but at 11:00am I tell him that we really have to go because the train station closes at noon. He gets up but still doesn’t feel well and we decide to take a cab. We arrive at the station to be told that they don’t sell tickets at this station anymore and we have to go to the other station. Roger doesn’t feel well at all. He’s white and sits to recover some strength. I run to the other side of the street to buy him an orange, he eats it and then feels a bit better. We then decide to return to the hotel but on our way we stop to drink a fresh pressed juice. This is then that Roger almost passed out. He’s white like a pint of milk and the people from the restaurant start to help us and call an ambulance. We end up in a clinic specialized in illness associated to high altitude. They branch Roger on a saline solution and he spend the day sleeping and rehydrating. The doctor’s verdict; dehydration + drop of potassium in the body, which is necessary for the muscle function, + lack of oxygen. Result; no strength left to walk and rapid drop of the blood pressure. After spending the day and a good part of the evening at the clinic to get rehydrated we left for the hotel. The day after, no way we go to a restaurant for dinner! We instead prepare an all banal meal but with the cleanness completely under our control ;-)