Sunday, April 5, 2009

The fun continues in Dominican Republic.


We decided to pay ourselves a guided tour, with a group of other sailors in Luperon, to a local set of waterfalls that is quite unique. This is a set of 24 waterfalls each cascading into a large pool feeding the next one. Helped with three guides we swam into the first pool than climbed the falls to end up in the next pool and so on. We climbed only 7 falls but it was quite a workout I tell you. Once at the top of the seventh fall we just went the other way around but this time by sliding the falls. The fact is that these falls have been running in that mountain for quite some times and the stream of water dug a sort of canyon through the polished rock creating literally a set of natural water slides. This was a blast! And the scenery was just breath taking. The canopy of trees above the stream blocked most of the sun light creating the sensation to be in the middle of the jungle and swimming into a virgin stream. This was by far the pinnacle of our visit to the Dominican Republic.

Another activity we decided to do is to go horseback riding in the hills surrounding Luperon. But when we arrived to get our horses they were all very thin and seriously needed to be fed a bit more but maybe the one I got. Danielle decided to pass and I went with Michael, another sailor we’ve met at Rum Cay, and his 11 year old daughter Sheena who desperately wanted to go. On that picture I just miss a cigarette and I could almost make an ad for Marlboro don’t you think?