Sunday, April 5, 2009

Clean up of the diesel tank

With time, the diesel tank is gathering dirt, algae, and water. Peter, a friend from Halifax, told us a few tricks to clean it so we followed his suggestions, which was to put a tube in the bottom of the tank and pump the diesel out and pass it through a filter that removes dirt and separates water. You then put the filtered diesel back in the tank. So, there we are, me holding the pipe to the bottom of the tank and Roger holding the filter. Diesel is lighter than water so if you have water in your tank, by pumping from the bottom, you remove the water first.
We started pumping and all that came out was pure water. It was so pure that it seems we could almost drink it. After about 3 gallons of pure water removed from the bottom of the tank, Roger stopped dramatically and ordered me to stop the drill we use to power the pump. He exclaimed “WHAT A MORON! I AM A MORON!” I then asked what was going on. I thought that 3 gallons of water was good no? So he answered; WE ARE PUMPING FROM THE WATER TANK NOT THE DIESEL TANK!”
It’s a good thing that the filter retains the water…LOL!
Ok Stop laughing, the water and diesel tanks are side by side. You could have done the same no?