Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our sympathy from Florida

In support to our friends and family up in Canada who are buried under the snow we want everyone to know that we sympathize with you guys and that we, also, are under the tyranny of the shovel even here in Melbourne, Florida. Today it was 28°C and we took off from our boat chores but just to end up working hard at the beach as this picture clearly shows. We understand you folks!

As I mentioned it in our last post, here’s a picture of the local Wal-Mart that you can now use for a screen background ;-)

Here in Melbourne we spend most of our time working on the boat but yet we meet interesting people. The sailing community is relatively small and you never know who you meet. For instance, yesterday a boat arrived at the marina and we help them to dock, well they were Richard and Ann on their trimaran from the same Marina we were in Sackets Harbor three years ago. At the beach today, Danielle went and gave the pale and shovel that you see on the first picture to a couple with their son walking on the beach (we bought that shovel and pale just for the picture). These folks just happened to be also Canadian sailors and mooring at the same marina than us! This type of situation happened a few times so far in this trip. By the way, there’s tons of Canadian down here and on the east coast.