Friday, December 5, 2008

In Melbourne FL for a while.

Since we filled up ourselves with turkey, mashed potatoes and a table full of desserts in St-Marys, we kept moving on the ICW for a few days and we are now in Melbourne, Florida where we plan to stay at a local marina until January. The plan is to take the next week and half and complete all the work on the boat that we have left and buy everything we need once and for all. Then, on Dec 15th, we will fly to Montreal to spend Christmas with the family and to come back in Florida on Jan 7th, 2009. Unfortunately, the place here is not really scenic and it will be hard to get nice pictures while we are here. Although, who never dreamt to have a picture of Wal-Mart as a screen wallpaper? And it may not be a tourist place but there are many things that will happen and we’ll keep you posted.