Thursday, November 27, 2008

From Charleston SC to Beaufort SC

We left Charleston SC and reached Beaufort SC a small town not too far from the Georgian border. In our last post we gave you some pictures of Charleston but I didn’t want to miss that last one showing the bridge crossing the Cooper River. Danielle teases me all the time and says that I have a fixation on bridges; but look at that and don’t tell me it’s not a beauty!

We were not supposed to stop in Beaufort SC (not to be confused with Beaufort NC) but on our way out of Charleston the wind died on us and we ended up following the ICW and stop at first for two hours in that little town to get some milk. But we liked the place so much that we stayed two days. Also the wind was too strong offshore for our next passage on the ocean so that eased our decision to stay too. Here are three pictures showing how nice the town was. They have trees so old that the streets are built around them. If you like the place please take note that one house out of four was for sale but not necessary for cheap though.

On our way out of Beaufort SC we went for another leg on the Big’O and our friends on “Goin South” took that picture of Chocobo sailing toward Fernandina Beach FL. The overnight passage took us 26 hours and we had a steady wind all the way that made the 120 nautical miles (223 Km) go pretty fast. We did this stretch because we needed to get a bit faster on our way south and unfortunately this made us skip the entire Georgian shore and jump directly to Florida.