Thursday, November 20, 2008

Charleston, South Carolina

After sneaking through the ICW we made it to Charleston in South-Carolina, the oldest city in the state. We anchored the first night in front of the City Marina where two rivers merged in their way to the ocean. Below you can see the thousands of birds that were flying over the anchorage and stopping on the rigging of the sailboats. The anchorage was a hell with the currents from the two rivers merging and creating literally a whirlpool where to boats will go in all directions and risk colliding together. After one night we went to the City Marina.

While in Charleston we took a guided tour to the Magnolia Plantation, which is about 300 years old. The place is just a paradise on earth. In addition to the main house they built over the years sumptuous gardens and ponds for their leisure.

Here you can see the main house of the plantation and the white bridge crossing the beautiful pond filled with black water. This water darken naturally around here by a certain chemical in the water that makes the water dark and reflects light in such a way to make gorgeous landscapes. The plantation that possessed many slaves in the old days is still privately own by the same family since its creation but is now a family museum open to visitors. Again we couldn’t take any pictures inside the house itself. If someone could explain me why it is like that with historic buildings I’d really like to know.