Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Great Departure!

Well finally after many years of preparation this is it. Today we are leaving Clayton NY into the first country of our trip; The United States of America.
First we are going to head toward Sackets Harbour NY where we will get our mast down. With the mast sitting on the side of the boat we will then motor through Lake Ontario to Oswego NY, which is the entrance to the Erie Canal. The canal will take us to the Hudson River where we get the mast up again and then sail south to New-York City.
We did all the essential tasks on the boat and the food pantry is overflowing! As a matter of fact we think that the boat begins to be seriously overweighed and the water level on the hull may be too high. We’ll see how the boat behaves as we go. In worst case we will have to throw some less essential stuff overboard such as water and fruits in order to keep the life essential goods such as wine and rum. On a boat everything is a matter of priority!

We also went to Kingston to sell the car to a “Car Recycle” facility. In other words we got $325 for the metal! But this means that now our main mean of transportation are our folding bicycles. They are nice but trust me, this reduces significantly our transport range. Shopping for grocery will never be the same.
The only thing that we haven’t been able to get working so far is the HF radio, which is required to post our position on the Web. Because of that we won’t be able to post our position while on the way. At this point we will not have access to the Internet as often as we did until now. Therefore, it will take some time before we can update you on our progress but please stay tuned.