Sunday, August 31, 2008

No home, no jobs and a dying car!

We moved to a new stage in our preparation to the departure. Sooner this month we left the house and last Friday was our last day at work. Last week we sold the Nissan and we now have only the Plymouth Breeze to move about. The only issue is that the Breeze is almost falling apart and we just cross our fingers that it last until our departure in a week and half.

With all these earthly belongings separated from us we should now feel light and free! No way!! We are not Tibetan monks; we are capitalists who enjoyed a nice and comfortable life for many years! We are now realizing that there will be no steady revenues anymore and feel more like “Oh God, what have we done?” than floating in our “freedom”. But hey, that’s what it takes and we’ll deal with it.

This week we are in Montreal to say goodbye to families and friends and next week we will go to the boat for the final preparation and supply.

Danielle and I would like to take a minute to express our gratitude to everyone who in the past weeks helped us and supported us. Many people spontaneously offered their time or give us generous gifts for our departure and we sincerely appreciate it. In the rush of meeting everyone we feel we didn’t express enough our gratitude so now we do it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!