Sunday, April 15, 2012

A different Bahamas

When we arrived at the small town of Spanish Wells on the island of Eleuthera it was to discover a quite a different Bahamas than what we saw in the past. As we see on the picture there is still was the white sand and the most beautiful water in the world as in the rest of the archipelago but there was also a village resembling closely enough to a normal suburb and contrasting substantially by its inhabitant’s wealth compared to south Bahamas or the Exumas chain. People here live in a sufficiently enviable level of comfort. But the most exotic difference, if we can say so, comes from the fact that Spanish Wells is mainly inhabited by native white Bahamians. To hear the colorful Bahamian accent when talking to a black person is normal, see expected, but it is quite a shock when it comes out of a white’s mouth!

But our stop in Spanish Wells was not really for relaxation but mostly to wait for the proper weather window to resume our sailing north through the Abacos. During the five days we spent in this village alongside the Garden of Eden we kept cleaning Chocobo and every day the dinghy was filled up with garbage or things to give away to town peoples who wanted them. More often than others we gave the stuff to workers coming to the island everyday to work since local inhabitants of this wealthy village really didn’t need our used stuff. In fact, it would have been us who would’ve needed to go through their garbages to find treasures! I also had to buy a bottle of propane and, with one and a half kilometer to walk, our little rolling cart was quite useful. Two days later we realized we could rent these golf carts that are very popular on the island. For $10.00 we wandered the village’s streets but after a bit more than an hour we had seen it all. Obviously, I couldn’t have thought to rent the cart the same day I went to buy the propane tank and saving me the long walk with the rolling cart!