Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Under the sun of St-Thomas.

We noticed that phenomenon last time we came to Charlotte Amalie on the island of St-Thomas in the US Virgin Islands; the sun is much stronger here. Although it is the very same ball of hydrogen under constant thermonuclear fusion we had in St-Martin only 100M south east from here it definitively doesn’t feel the same. When we walked from the dinghy dock to the US Customs and Border Protection office for our clearance the sun felt on us like a mace. After three years living under the tropics we thought we could stand the direct sun for a five minute walk but the rays was so strong that Danielle started to feel sick and was starting to suffer a heat stroke while I was trying on my side not to burn as well. Fortunately we got into the air conditioned office quickly and everything was fine after. I have no idea why the sun feels like that here but this little walk in Crematoria just brought back the memory of the same thing happening to us in 2009 under the same circumstances. I guess the very warm sun is one of the reasons why those titanic cruise ships brings their thousands of tourists every week on this island of the Caribbean.