Monday, February 20, 2012


There are few places we can say we’ve been many times for there are so many places to see in the world that there are no good reasons why would we would come back to the same place more than once or twice. Well, for us Marigot is one of those places we seem to come back recurrently. These are three pictures taken with that statue in front of the market in Marigot. I love these pictures because they show clearly how we physically evolve over the years! Another interesting point is that these pictures spread over eight years and if you enlarge the pictures, by clicking on them, you can see that the scratches on the paint of the statue we could see in 2004 are still there in 2012. In other words, the statue has never been repainted. It is almost pathetic that all I have to tell you is about the paint on a statue but the fact is that we are not doing much these days. We do small tasks on the boat, go to the “pâtisserie” to buy a baguette and get some internet, play games and watch movies. Every few days we change from Marigot to Grand Case and then back. We are simply comfortable here in St-Martin and we are dragging our feet. Also, Danielle needed to have some dental work done and we use this as an excuse to stay on the island longer. However, we won’t be able to stay here forever with Chocobo for sale and our need to go back to work at one point we will have to set sail toward the Virgin Islands and after that to the Bahamas. Meanwhile we just enjoy our time here and keep having fun to see how people often serve us in English even after we spoke to them in French! This must be our thick French Canadian accent that make them think we are trying to learn to speak French but still don’t master the pronunciation :)