Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arrived in Morocco.

We arrived in the town of Port Larache, Morocco from Tarifa, Spain on September 22nd, 2011 after a short passage of 60 nautical miles that took us across the Strait of Gibraltar and from Europe to Africa. While crossing the strait we encountered two species of marine mammals. First was a group of pilot whales that at first looked like dolphins but were way too black, too slow and had a round head. They were very social and we were able to approach them but unlike dolphins they didn’t come to play at the bow. A few minutes later we indeed met a group of dolphins of what may seem to be bottlenose dolphins for they were simply huge. They came and swam at the bow for only a couple of minutes, too short to take a picture of them but long enough to realize they were the largest dolphins we’ve encountered in this trip. We see dolphins quite often but somehow it is always a treat to watch them crisscross in front of the bows.