Monday, August 15, 2011

Arrived in Spain.

We arrived in Puerto de Mahon on the island of Menorca, Spain from Malfatano in Sardina, Italy after a passage of 225 nautical miles. Menorca is part of the BalĂ©ares archipelago East of Spain and South of France in the Mediterranean Sea. I don’t know how long exactly we took for that passage because we don’t even bother to monitor such small passages anymore. Note that at the beginning of our voyage this passage would have required 3 weeks of preparation and planning to ensure the boat is ready and that we have all the food for 3 months even though we will be at sea for only two days while now it goes about like this. “All right how long is the next passage already? About 225 miles, Danielle would answer. And when do we leave? Well the weather looks good today and if we leave this morning we should arrive at sunrise the day after tomorrow. A couple of days that’s not too bad, are we ready to go? Yep! Ok, so let’s raise the anchor and let’s get on the way.” Basically unless the trip is more than 500 miles we don’t quite stress much about it anymore. That’s what three years of cruising does to you.