Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arrived in Yemen.

We arrived in the beautiful city of Al Mukalla in Yemen, from Uligan in Maldives, on February 20th, 2011 after a passage of 1503 nautical miles (2796 km) that took us 13 days, 3 hours and 0 minutes for an overall average speed of 4.8 knots. This passage was the most amazing passage we did. In the Maldives we organized a convoy of 9 sailboats with who we sailed in formation all the way from Maldives to Yemen to ensure some safety while sailing through these dreaded waters. We arrived tired but safe and sound in Mukalla where we are trying to get some rest, resupplying and getting prepared for the Gulf of Aden passage, while dodging the gunshots of the police forces trying to disperse the daily manifestations in town. We will sail the Gulf of Aden in convoy as well. We know we are not giving you much stories to read lately but we spent most of the last two months at sea where it is very hard to write. We are sailing the most dangerous pirate infested waters in the world and every Middle Eastern countries around us have either no government or is under serious political unrest. The short periods we spend ashore were 100% busy with either visiting (when possible) or resupplying. Just stay with us and I promise you to come with tons of pictures and crunchy stories as soon as we reach safe waters and decent internet in a country where people don't shoot at each other.