Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trip to Peru; let’s start by Lima.

We arrived in Lima, Peru during the night between September 6 and 7, 2009. Our trip starts here. You may think that we are filthy rich to afford such a trip? Not at all! We save money everywhere we can and try to find the best prices for everything. After spending an enormous amount of money on Chocobo we had to reduce our spending while still visiting the world! We did some researches on the cost of such a trip and found some interesting things; Peru isn’t expensive and we could afford it.
To start this trip let’s visit the installation where we will sleep and wash ourselves for the first few days!

We decided to rent rooms in hostels and in Lima we could find a room for $7.00 US per day per person. Here’s a description of the room; Private room for two peoples with private bathroom and hot water. The room is indeed for two peoples after we lay one on top of the other in this very tiny bed. It is quite hard to fit another person in it unless that person is willing to use the wooden floor directly. By the way the bed is made of wood planks about 4 inches apart and cover with a 1 inch mattress probably as old as the building itself so it is the either the fakir bed or the floor….

Let’s see the shower now. We arrived at the hostel around 3am and with a bed like this we were on a hurry to jump in it and so we skipped the shower. Tomorrow, we told ourselves! After finding the proper spot between two planks in the bed and trying not to think at the noise and the party that was going on in the street right in front of our broken windows we feel into a deep sleep that lasted a long 5 hours! Hurry up! Let’s visit Peru but first we need a good shower. Neither Roger nor I saw the sign saying that we needed to toggle the switch up to have hot water and we both had a freezing shower that morning. But wait, it is not 38°C (100°F) anymore here but only 15°C (59°F) in the morning so the shower was not of the most pleasing kind!!!! Have you notice the sort of gismo on the shower head used to heat the water with electricity at 240V directly in the shower????

Oh yes let’s not forget the toilet bowl. On our arrival I decided to go to the bathroom to have a quick pee and while entering I was telling myself that something was missing. Something that I am used to see when I look at a toilet bowl ….