Sunday, August 16, 2009

Problem with our SSB Radio, we need your help.

Since the beginning of our trip our marine SSB Radio ICOM M710-RT is giving trouble and we need to find a place to get it repaired. Since we are going to be in Curacao for almost three months it would be a good time to send it to a repair shop if we can find one. If you know a place that can repair that kind of HF radio could you please send us their contact information so we can contact them? We’ve looked at this problem for the past year and all the installation, ground and antenna are sound. We receive relatively clear but the problem seems to be in the transmission. I use a SWR meter to measure the SWR and the output power and get a SWR of 7 (huge reflection) and an output power of only 4W instead of 60W. To be sure the antenna or the tuner is not the problem I managed to get a 50 Ohms dummy load while in Martinique and I still get the same results. The only possibility that I can think of at this point is that the transmitter output stage is damaged and needs to be repaired. We tried to find someone to help with this but couldn’t find anyone in the Antilles and we now have to find a place to ship the device to. It is hard for me to search for this from the south of the Caribbean Sea and this is why we ask your help in that matter. Thanks.