Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Carnival and meeting with friends.

Our stay in the Virgin Islands would have been relatively short; only two days. We didn’t have in mind to stay very long but maybe not that short. The fact is that a weather window showed up to make our last passage to reach the Antilles and the Island of Sint-Maarten and decided to take it. Before that, while we were in Puerto Rico we received an email from Geoff and Ruth on board of their sailboat Geru offering us to meet them in St-Thomas on May 1st. This was in line with our timeframe to get there so we managed to meet them at that time. Geoff and Ruth are two engineers that Roger worked with in Ottawa. They left a year before us in a journey that took them along pretty much the same path we took and down to the Grenadines. They are now on their way up north and we were very happy to see them again but this time on the water. For two nights we had dinner with them and chat until 2am. This may sound early for some but when you live on a boat you irremediably tune with the sun hence we usually go to bed around 8pm! Yep, we may still be young but sleep the geriatric way! If you are interested to read their adventure, they also have a blog. Click on this following link http://www.svgeru.blogspot.com/

This time of the year coincide with the Caribbean Festival in St-Thomas so it was a very good time to be there. For the two days we were there, and the whole week before, the town was celebrating with parades during the day and loud music during the night until 3 in the morning. The party being held close to the waterfront we were able to clearly hear the loud music all night. One thing we noticed in the Caribbean is that speaker companies are doing very well. People here like it loud and I mean very loud. On the boat we could feel the vibrations of the base on the walls and the floor. Does that bother us when we sleep? Hey, you are talking to people who sleep on top of a running diesel engine during their overnight passages so a few musical decibels we can deal with that! Besides, on the last night we had the chance to watch a wonderful firework that was held right on the waterfront so watching it from the boat was the best spot you could have. As a matter of fact, we were so close to the firework that we had to change position of the boat in the afternoon because we were right in the path of the falling rockets.