Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rum Cay

Rum Cay used to be prosper with its salt pond. The island was populated with about 5,000 people. They could provide salt for the entire Bahamas islands. In around 1926, a huge hurricane destroyed the dam and it could not be fixed stopping the operation and the exportation. The population then dropped from 5,000 to 60. Today, there is not much there. Close to the island there is the HMS Conqueror, which sank in about 30 feet down in the water. We tried to make it to her in our dingy but reefs and wakes were too big. You need to have a no wind day to make it. The ship that was from the Royal Navy fleet sank in 1861 after only 6 years of service.
One activity now from people on the Rum Cay Island is to go at the bar to watch the television. The floor inside the bar is cover with sand as you can see on the picture.