Friday, September 19, 2008

Passage of "clean" locks

Today we passed 6 locks. One of them was 27' high. We thought that our fenders will get stuck between the wall and the boat and this is why Roger is seating on the boat ready to push the boat from the wall but don’t worry, it can’t happen. The wall was so “greasy” that our fenders were smoothly sliding against it. When we got out, our clean fenders that were white before leaving Clayton were now covered with this brown compound that cannot be distinctly named. The trick keep Chocobo off the wall was to sit on the side of the boat and to push the wall with our feet away from the wall until the lock was full. Then we stood up to get the boat out of the lock. The first time we walked on the white surface of the deck with our running shoes full of that unnamed stuff while all your steps were clearly marked on the deck. The following lock we got the idea and made sure to swiped our running shoes on the top of the wall, which was dry, before standing up. That was the trick to pass a lock here! Now we are ready to go to the others, there are 23 of them left.